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  1. Warcry is relaunched World of Warcraft Private Server. Warcry aims to recreate the Blizzard Gaming Experience on Fury, it's High Rate Wrath of the Lich king 3.3.5a realm . Show off your skills and fight for the glory of the Horde on the Isle of Conquest or fight for your life in The Ring of Valor. Those who kill, should be prepared to be killed. Are you ready? Do you prefer PVE over PVP? No problem! Warcry has plenty in store for you as well. Visit Onyxia in Onyxia's Lair or work your way through Icecrown and take down The Lich King! Want to learn more? Check out our Content Page where you can find all the working dungeons, raids, battlegrounds and arenas available on Warcry. - integrated Community forum - Get in touch with the community and staff via our integrated forums. No need to create a separate account, just login and post! - Great account panel - Warcry's account panel offers many great free services such as Character teleporter, Character Unstucker and reward shop! All you need are free Silver Coins which you can earn by voting, reporting bugs, submitting screenshots or recruiting a friend via our own Recruit a Friend system! To lazy to level all the way up, want to switch faction or re-customize your character? No problem the premium shop allows you to do that and more in exchange for Gold Coins. Do you hate leveling up? But still want to play on Warcry? No problem! Warcry's daily Win a Character draw allows you to join the draw for free and hopefully win that level 80 character with gear and some gold. We will have Character Transfer System. Realm is not Progresive Realm all Dungeon & Raid Istance will be OPEN ! Attention ! I will not take Credits for Website and Warcry Server Name , i just use name for my server . Credits is for : Designed by EvilSystem and Developed by Chompi. Update #1 : Website and Server is live , Realm Information Xp Rate for Q & Kill: x25 Honor Points Rate : x5 Reputation Rate : x40 Arena Points Rate : x2 Gold Rate : x10 Drop rates for items : x15 Xp Battleground Kill : 25 Honor Points After Duel - 3 Transmog is available on our realm on Dalaran Character knows all flight paths Update #2 : Soon Website Link : Register now